Thursday, 13 May 2010

Still Remains

Apologies for the bad photo, but last thursday I met a lady at Spitalfields Market who made artworks from taxidermy, found photography and found and reclaimed items.

I thought this peice was interesting. The heads are all cut out from an old school photograph, and then paired with broken china bodies. When I spoke to the lady she said it was about how looking at a school photo the faces are all you see, but those faces can be attached to all sorts of lives.

I liked the translation from set, traditional photo to the presentation in the wooden box paired with the doll bodies. Although the message is simple, it was an effective way to present it and I thought the peice worked really well and interestingly.

The art group are called Still Remains, but I can't find anything on the internet, or remember this lady's full name. However, she said her daughter is starting illustration at Camberwell next year...

Next thursday I can try and find her in the market again though.

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