Wednesday, 26 May 2010

I am trying to complete my evaluative statement and am finding it really hard to put all these weeks of thinking into a cohesive 500 words. There's just too much stuff to include!

Also, went to the 1st year shows at camberwell last night, made me both worried and less worried. There was a lot of work where it was clear not much thought had gone into the presentation, or in fact the work, which was worrying. There was also some good work, like in painting 'Tom's curiosity', a sort of brick that was hot when you put your fingers in it. But all in all the standard seemed to be pretty mixed. I suppose though that this is a good thing, it shows that if you work hard and present your work thoughtfully and well, it will stand out positively. It is also worrying in terms of our exhibition though, as I have never prepared for an exhibition before, and I feel distinctly un-ready.

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