Monday, 3 May 2010

Dryden Goodwin, Sustained Endeavour

Dryden Goodwin's Sustained Endeavour is a piece I have been bearing in mind for some time. I first saw it at the Tate a few years ago, but couldn't remember who had done it. In a past tutorial with Amanda she told me who the artist was. I came to remember this piece as the ideas I was forming about the actual process of drawing and looking at Roland Barthes theories had a lot to do with the practise of sustained drawing.

The piece is 25 drawings, all of the same photograph of Steve Redgrave. Goodwin exhibited the piece as the drawings framed in rows, and a television screen showing a loop of the photographs- a flickering image, showing the defects varying from drawing to drawing.

Visually, this piece is really similar in concept to how I wanted to present my piece, but in ideas it differs. I was aiming to look at how my own visual and emotional memory effect the image I draw when I am drawing repeatedly.

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