Thursday, 27 May 2010

Drastic Change of plan

Well, after a few more tried flash DEFINATELY isnt working on that mac, nor is imovie. Nor can I find anything that isn't a dodgy download to convert the loops I managed to make on windows movie maker to a .mov file that is suitable for submission. Nor can I put my colour pictures anywhere on display.

Best bet now is to hope that the digital media room is open very early (in a few hours) and print the colour pictures. There are no available options in terms of submitting the loop in time for examination. HOWEVER. It is not the exhibition yet, and I have two weeks to use the college library computors with flash on to make a new one. Although this won't be assessed, it means I can still exhibit the piece how I wanted to.

One positive thing came out of tonights work...I managed to burn my interview with my nanny on to disk. Tra la la.

This whole experience has really infuriated me, as I have had many problems with using technology in my work in the past, but this time I was really excited about using the new mediums in the piece. But once more, it was being reliant on the technology to produce an end result that has been the failure.

I am still fairly happy with handing in my 12 drawings as my final work for examination, as they are the work, the loop just is a way of bringing the ideas to life. This doesn't mean to say i'm not really pissed off. I just hope I pass. I should have factored in technology failure and errors to my time plan, but didn't. I know that this mess is my fault, but I can't help feeling if i'd just stuck to good old traditional methods I would have a complete body of work at this point, not a mess.

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