Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Tote Bags

Before the holidays I was very busy down in fabric screen printing. I made 3 different bag designs, this Ludd Brown one is the only one i have a picture of so far. (see below). Also did one with 3 layers- a fox on a yellow circle, with 6 little foxes on the other side, and a 2 layer print of a 'To The Lighthouse' design I had been working on.  I sold some at a Christmas fair and then used lots to make hampers for my family- I filled the bag with jam, chutney, fudge and cherry brandy. Delicious.
This picture was taken by Rob our tutor in Budapest. Ludd Brown is my boss's dog.


I have been very behind on my work. Before the Christmas holidays begun I decided to animate a song my friend Polly and I wrote about Sigmund Freud. I made a storyboard, but still hadn't decided how I wanted the animation to look. It's less than a minute long, so detail isn't an impossible task, but I am unorganised and very behind. Currently trying out different ways of drawing Freud and seeing which would be most effective.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Thomas Builds the Fire

This is Polly's new bear. We found him in a Salvation Army shop this afternoon. He has  HEADDRESS!!