Thursday, 17 February 2011

Final Etching!

Final print of my etching plate. 

This could get mono-tonous

More Monoprints. I worked yesterday so was a tired wreck and couldn't go to open drawing, so I did my own workshop. 

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Valentine Prints

Yesterday my friend Emma Brook and I did some Valentine's day prints. We wanted to use love song's as the base for the poster ideas, so this first one is a lyric from Elliot Smith's 'Thirteen', and the second is from a BIZZARE Oingo Boingo song called 'I love little girls'.

We designed the posters together, but split the drawing for each poster, on the first poster I drew the octopus, pool, and text, and Emma drew the girl sitting on the side. On the second poster I drew the creepy man and the text, and Emma drew all the little girls on the man's hands.

This was the result!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Monorail! No, Monoprint.

Yesterday in the Open Drawing evening workshops with Jeffrey Lee we did monoprinting! I had never done it before and it was wonderful. I made this for my friend Emma, about a boy called Curtis who was on wife swap, he loved chicken nuggets. I realise it's not a very sensitive print. Those are for next week!

Defecation, Defecation, Defecation, Defecation, Defecation, Defecation!

Defecation. from Kim Smith on Vimeo.

In class we have been working on our Author project. This week we had to get into groups of creatures that had similarities, and then we were given a word, and had to make a film about how all the creatures did that word. Our word was defecation. Lovely!

So we decided to look more down the semiology route of the effects of our surroundings and how we edit what we intake, get rid of 'waste' ideas and then what comes out.

We have been working hard in Kim's flat for the past two days making this animation, tra la!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Riitta Inkonen and Marie O'Connor Costume Workshops

Yesterday, tomorrow and Friday we have awsome costume workshops with Riitta Inkonen and Marie O'Connor!

These are super useful in terms of thinking and creating. Yesterday we went round the class and explained our primary needs and costume designs. It became obvious that thinking needed to extend past what things/doing you 'need' to WHY that is. For example, people said a primary need was their laptop, when really it's company, communication, information, comfort.

These two ladies give such good advice and input. I feel like we would improve as people if they were around more.

We did exercises like drawing ideas and connections from a word from our list of needs for five minutes solid, on paper stuck to the wall, fast. Or getting in groups and acting out a word, and the rest of the group had to guess what the word was.

Primary Needs

We have a new project at Camberwell to design a costume based on our five primary needs.

I can't quite sum up my needs but there's a rough list (in black the need, in colour what this includes)

Mobility Health, Intellect, Communication, Travel +Knowledge
Company//Communication// Interaction Health, situation, knowledge and intellect, response to environment, progress and development, identity
Comfort Health, vision, hearing, senses in general, warmth, company, food, situation
Fun//Creating identity, company, progress
Nature// Organic food, situation,environment, health

As you can see they all cross over quite a lot. The more I think these over, the more they could be narrowed and narrowed. Well being, company, progress, identity could sum it up rather well. Maybe these needs will need re-listing. The thing is, these needs have to be translated visually into a costume, so maybe mentally it makes sense to refine and refine them, but as they are already quite refined maybe my original list is far enough in terms of having ideas left to work with that aren't so BROAD.