Friday, 31 May 2013

Went to Munich a few weeks ago to see The Knife. We visited Haus der Kunst, a gallery in an amazing building that apparently was one of Hitler's favourites in the city. This brochure was inside, it's designed by BaseDesign and Funny Paper. I love the orange/ purple colour scheme. I don't know if it is risographed or digitally printed but it was really nice to see such a large gallery have such a beautiful pamphlet for it's events. Even the staples are orange!
The fluted bowl I mentioned in a previous post. SO GOOD

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Made a huge plinth with Susie. Took it down today because it was too big. Lol

For my brother's birthday. I'd like to do a ceramics series of these women. Or prints.

Edith Heath, such a sassy lady. Would love to a. have that studio full of tableware sets b. wear that blouse when throwing pots