Monday, 31 January 2011


Today I did my first etching ever. It was super. But I only had time to make one print, and it needs to dry for a week so I can't show you yet.

Treasure Hunting

I babysat on Thursday. We drew a treasure map.

Sunday, 23 January 2011


I'm a bit tired of naked ladies now.

Friday, 21 January 2011

First Draft of Object Book

I have changed my final outcome for the object project to a beginners guide to Freudian Theory. As there are no print workshops available any more( as it is SO LATE ON) I am printing this with my DIY risograph technique at home. It's coming out quite nice. It's a good way to get the grainy quality of photocopying drawings matched with all the lovely colours of watercolour, and then be able to print lots of them all the same. These are my first pages.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Home Spun Riso

Today after using the risograph printer I figured I could try and print in layers on my photocopier at home. It wasn't so successful. Although it let me use a far wider range of colours. But that ran out my ink. Here are two finished prints- one lines up the colour on the people but not the text, and the other lines up the text but not the colour on the people...

 I am still determined to get this right. This evening provoked a lot of frantic paper changing and swearing on my part but i'm SURE it can be done! Or layering of watercolours, or block colour with felt many options.

I am going to try and make a book for monday just using my photocopier. Hopefully it will turn out all right.


This lunchtime Alice and I did some printing on the risograph. I used an image from the beginning of my animation, just to learn how to use the printer. It worked out pretty well. I'd like to make a little booklet to go with my animation/make up for the fact that I haven't done enough animation, but I don't think there's time now.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Reepham people like window displays. That's a fact!

There is a nice lady who lives down my road in Norfolk and she always (as in for many many years) has  had brilliant window displays featuring these friendly little bears and lions. In the summer, she spreads sand on the windowsill and sets them up in a beach scene, in halloween they have halloween costumes...etc etc. I recently found out that she has just retired from running the Sainsbury Centre in Norwich (a super gallery/workshop/super place) so that explains a lot.


Before Christmas I did a workshop in the letterpress studios. I wanted to make some price lists for Brown's, and also generally learn how the letterpress worked and familiarise myself with it. It was an awsome day, though really really hard work (it took me about 5 hours just to set up ready to print). Here is Sam printing, my work area, and the final result!

Browns of Brockley

I thought it might be time to talk about my job. I work in a great coffee shop called Browns of Brockley. My boss, Ross, really cares about coffee and general PEOPLE. We have many super customers who are all very varied an interesting, and it doesn't really feel like being at work most of the time because I am just learning something and meeting great people. 
These pictures are from around halloween,  Ross's girlfriend Jess made these INCREDIBLE pumpkins- my favourite is of Ross's dog, Ludd. I have never seen a pumpkin carved in such a way.

I have been learning the art of making coffee, but it's a bit slow and i'm not quite there yet. These were my attempts at rosettas a few weeks ago...rather poor. But soon! They are harder than they look.

We use Square Mile coffee, which is roasted in London and is DELICIOUS.
see more here:


As the crazy man down my street would exclaim, Brockley makes me happy!


We went on an incredible trip to Budapest. It was awsome to draw all day everyday, in a new exciting place. And eat LOADS.

More photographs, books etc to follow. As soon as I get a scanner, I can't bloody find anything. 

Drawing to Music

Before the film workshop, we had a day of drawing to music. Geoff and Jim made a series of playlists, which they played whilst we drew. They were under different categories eg. angry, weepy, silly.

I drew over 60 pictures that day!

Scanner, consequesnt retrospective of last few months.

I have just acquired a scanner, which means I can put up some work! 

First up, a few months ago we did this awsome workshop in the studio where the tutors played us extracts from films, which we had to draw from. Here are some results. 

I found the drawing project the best project so far this year- having to draw quickly, all the time, and look at everything, was brilliant. One of the main things i'm trying to improve through my degree is my ability to draw out of my head, so exercises in studying images are pretty essential.

Thursday, 13 January 2011


This evening instead of doing essay research or drawing for my animation I drew this, whilst Jazz, Polly and I watched something on telly with Michelle Roux Junior in it. Great!