Monday, 17 January 2011

Browns of Brockley

I thought it might be time to talk about my job. I work in a great coffee shop called Browns of Brockley. My boss, Ross, really cares about coffee and general PEOPLE. We have many super customers who are all very varied an interesting, and it doesn't really feel like being at work most of the time because I am just learning something and meeting great people. 
These pictures are from around halloween,  Ross's girlfriend Jess made these INCREDIBLE pumpkins- my favourite is of Ross's dog, Ludd. I have never seen a pumpkin carved in such a way.

I have been learning the art of making coffee, but it's a bit slow and i'm not quite there yet. These were my attempts at rosettas a few weeks ago...rather poor. But soon! They are harder than they look.

We use Square Mile coffee, which is roasted in London and is DELICIOUS.
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As the crazy man down my street would exclaim, Brockley makes me happy!

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