Wednesday, 19 May 2010

18th May

Last night as I went to sleep all I could see was a zoom up on the drawing, each mark on it.

I think experimenting in approached to drawing the image is really helping me understand drawing processes more. I'd still like to try projecting the image to draw from from, it's just unfortunate that the CLS one didn't work.*

I will try just larger scale drawing though, drawing upside down, eyes closed, different mediums, colour memory etc...

The more I draw and observe the image, the less it becomes a 2D person made from shapes and lines, the more it becomesa captured moment of a real person.

*Last week I hired a data projector from the CLS to project my image onto A1 paper and experiment with repeatedly drawing it using the projection as an outline pattern. However, the projector didn't work with 2 different computors. I think it is now too late on to try this again, but I can do similar experiments without the projector.

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