Thursday, 27 May 2010


I have just spend the last 7 or so hours failing to put my drawings into a loop.

I know this seems like late on to be finishing off, but I've been pretty packed in for time. I had all the colour ready and done, allt he drawings ready and done, and thought it would take about an hour to loop them and burn to disk.

I've rented a MAC from the Central Loan Store. Once again they fail me...I don't know exactly what's wrong with it but it keeps saying there's not enough space to upload images into flash or imovie. I don't really understand this as there is a WHOLE COMPUTOR empty here. In addition, the charger is broken and keeps shutting the computor down. THEN, for the show reel you have to save your file as .mov, it says there are instructions on blackboard but I can't find them anywhere.

SO the long and short is. Hours of work on photoshop colouring my pictures, only to find I can't animate them, or even upload them to my blog. I also can't print them, because the library's colour printers are broken. So I don't know how to hand in the main body of my work. Not only that, but I can't produce a film to submit, another large and vital part of my work. Obviously, if I'd been more organised I could have got help with all of this and had it sorted out. Unfortunately that is not the case. As late as I am though, I still had a time plan. It just didn't take into account that the CLS laptops wouldn't work and the camberwell printers wouldnt work.

Four in the morning is not a good time to think on the spot.

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