Friday, 14 May 2010

Pick Me Up

Quite some time ago now I went to the Pick Me Up exhibition at Somerset House. I had a super day, found lots of new and wonderful artists and met some very interesting people indeed.

I particularly liked the work of Natsko Seki, a Japanese Artist who lives and works in London. She uses mixed media very effectively to make these beautiful, vibrant peices. I just can't work out how she does the layers! It also looks as though she uses found photography to collage with, another interesting translation of the medium.

My favourite collective, Nous Vous, were also there. I have admired their work for quite some time but had never yet seen an exhibition of theirs. I got to talk to William Edmonds in the afternoon and it was really useful- it helped me a lot in realising how I like to work, who I like to work with and also in finally deciding to accept my place at Camberwell for Illustration.
I bought some of their work, but need to scan it in to post. I really like the media they use, especially for packaging, eg. on the Now Owl CD made by William Edmonds- graphic paper, an opaque paper, screen prints and stickers. Something to bear in mind for future projects and work. I also found out some really useful information about printing techniques and good places in London to print on newsprint, which will come in really useful with my other work- the magazine and Alphabet.

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