Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Final Days

I have realised in the last week or so that my time management has been really bad. I am now trying to do a final push in these last few days to rectify the huge problems I have given myself through my mismanagement of my own work.

Looking through the criteria, I think I have been following them, but the lack of organisation means that I just need to find a way to show more clearly what I have been looking at etc. I think this blog shows a lot of my process through the project, so with sketchbooks and research that should be ok. I think what isn't so clear is the transition from when I changed my source material from my great-grandad's magic act to the photo of my dad. I've realised that people can't see what i'm thinking in my head, and it's essential to always write it down or illustrate it in some way. The other major error was that I didn't make a new timetable for myself, basically just went off the FMP rails. I have been constantly working, researching and thinking about the project, just because I didn't make a plan I think this may be hard to reflect in the work I hand in. I am quite stressed and worried.

I've decided to drastically cut down the number of drawings- again because of lack of plan I was just drawing as many as came out over the weeks, and focus on completing my evaluation and making sure I have an aqequate final peice. In the time I have left, I could get the number of drawings I need done, but it would leave me no time to prepare everything else I have to hand in. I also need to scan the rest of the drawings in and add colour to them all, and compile them in flash.

I have at least learnt a great deal from this project, I know that I am never going to be this unorganised again.

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