Thursday, 13 May 2010

One Hour Project

On Monday we were told we had the dealine of one hour to create a final peice for this project.

I decided to adapt mine into a zoetrope- a simple mechanical device to create a moving image- as in the time frame it wouldn't have been possible to use flash or scan in images etc. I photocopied and reduced my drawing by 25%, 5 times, then to create movement changes the colour placement in each picture to create a flickering effect in the final moving image. Because we only had one hour, I just had to use what was to hand- so I used Letraset markers to colour the image. They worked quite well as they have a quite translucent quality to them.

My finished zoetrope- made from black card and a spinning stick- wasn't a particularly polished final result, but it served a purpose. What was clear in this is that although you can produce some sort of result in a short space of time, if you have an ambitious and exhibitable idea it is fair to say it is going to take a lot longer. Back up work of planning isn't enough. Especially for my peice, hours and hours of work put into drawing and developing is essential. If I don't keep to time then I won't have a peice.

I found the project really useful as it confirmed that my ideas from the research i've been doing really need to be developed into a solution by now. Although I have been pretty clear on my idea, I have tended to get carried away with research and neglect the physical side of actually drawing my peice.

Since Monday I have been trying to gather all my research into a cohesive block or summary. i think it could be really useful to write some sort of summary or essay on what I have been researching and thinking about, something more accessable to accompany my exhibited peice, even just in research.

Scans of one hour result to follow.

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