Thursday, 1 April 2010

A Visit Home

Last weekend I went home to Norfolk and spoke to my Nanny. She gave me a huge pile of photographs and some scrap books with posters, newspaper articles and reviews, telegrams and letters. As a source material this is amazing.
Unfortunately, Camberwell library is closed for two weeks and I haven't had time what with work and interviews to get to Elephant and Castle to go to LCC and scan it all in. I'm going back to Norfolk again tomorrow morning for a week, hopefully will get a chance to record these in some way.

I also emailed the magic circle requesting to look through their archives for information on my great grandad. ALSO, I found a signed photograph of him on ebay and messaged the seller asking if he had an interesting story behind it. Unfortunately no reply there either.

I'm staying with my Nanny for a few days next week. I plan to record our conversations about her memories attached to each photo or peice of epherma- origionally I was going to use my dictaphone but I think a video would be nicer and easier to indentify certain elements when watching back.

I would really like to independantly find some new material which I can present to my Nanny and see what she thinks of it, what memories it triggers. It's very different looking at photographs you have known for 50 years, and sort of built up pre-prepared explanations of, to ones you have never seen before, of yourself.

Over and out.

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