Monday, 12 April 2010

Change of Plan.

I haven't felt quite right about my source material of the magic act since thinking about my original proposal. But a stroke of luck occured.

I got home and was looking through all the photos I got from Nanny, then I remembered a photo of my dad as a child that I wanted to show Jake.

I realised that the photo was much more of a representation of what I had first set out to investigate. Because the photos of the magic act were taken by a professional photographer, they just aren't what I was looking for. I think I got carried away by the interesting story and imagery, and lost sight of my original proposal.

I'm really glad I did the research on Ali Bey's act, as it was almost totally untouched and as of yet put out into the public. I definately plan to use it for a large project soon.

The photo of my dad just fits so perfectly. In addition, this week I had planned to make some practise animations- colour, light, facial expressions. I was thinking about what action to take now I changed my source material, and remembered that I had a small book of photos of my dad - you know, taken in a booth where there are lots and lots of tiny photographs, each one different. This was perfect as it meant I had source material for my dad's facial expressions when I try and animate the new photo. It is pure luck, because he is the same age in both the set of photos and the single photo. Perfect.

The library isn't open yet but will head down a bit and scan this all in.

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