Thursday, 8 April 2010

7th April

On the last day at Nanny's, after writing my last post I reconsidered that all my source material are photos taken professionally, rather than Nanny's personal photos. But because I've been looking at the memories and stories behind the photographs as part of a grand scheme I hadn't paid this too much attention.

However, in my origional proposal I said I'd be looking at individual photos. The trouble is, none were taken. I asked Nanny about her memories surrounding each photograph, but after touring for 5 or 6 years with the same act it's hard for an 82 year old lady to remember events of over 60 years before in specific detail.

I talked to Nanny about this, and we emptied out her cupboards of general photos to try and find some from around the time from ages 17-22ish that she was in the theatre act, but of her at home etc. We couldn't find any, but there are a huge amount of boxes and folders. Next time I'm there we are going to look through properly.

I'm happy with my source material though, and I still think this project is valid as the whole idea behind the final animation is visually exploring the photo-memory translation.

It's interesting, I don't know whether it's because camera's were rarer 60 years ago, but if I was touring with a famous magic act I would be taking my own personal photos. It seems noone did.

It's just lucky we have the photos we do. Hopefully if the Magic Circle finally reply to my request there may be new photos unseen by my nanny or myself.

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