Thursday, 8 April 2010

6th April

Am at Nanny’s again today. It’s a beautiful sunny day but quite windy. Would be a lovely walk on the beach but I’d rather spend my time here with Nanny, and she couldn’t make it down to the beach or walk a long way if I went.

I started practising on drawing in pencil, some fabric flowers nanny has in her conservatory. I haven’t really used pencil in a long time and it’s taking a while to get used to mark making with it again. The drawing looked ok but I think that was more the original composition of the flowers rather than my sweeping success back into the medium. Need to keep all pencils sharp and practise lots. I’ve got so used to working in ink pen that I’ve ignored pencil.

I wrote up some Mumford and Sons interview whilst Nanny had a nap, it transported me right back to a sunny courtyard eating cakes.

Then once Nanny woke up we looked through the photographs I’ve scanned in and Nanny told me what she could remember about each one.

The strange thing, in relation to my project, about looking at the memory around these photographs is that a professional photographer took them, as a pose to someone involved in the image. This then changes the idea of selecting an image. But it is still valid for my project I think, as there is such a wealth of source material that the story behind the origin of the photo is the memory.
These are some drawings I've been working on so far:

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