Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Back to School

On monday we went back to Camberwell. Although the day was spent going through assessment criteria which, nethertheless useful, was rather tedious- it was really good to see what everyone else had been up to.

We got put into groups at the end of the day with other people in the group who are doing projects with similar elements. I am in a group with personal narrative as a common theme. Only three of us were present, we thought we should be called 'me myself and I'. Hah. Anyway could be useful sharing information ideas etc etc.

Today I got to work on testing out pencil and watercolour vs ink and watercolour for my animation. In the afternoon Geoff told us all about a really interesting project he did, making a live animation using a magic lantern. He made slides himself, printing drawings onto acetate then fixing the acetate between two thin slides of glass. He paired slides with a flash animation, to make a story about zombies.


That is something interesting he is involved in.

After the presentation I asked Geoff about possible materials for making my animation. We talked about using a lightbox underneath the paper for each frame- he suggested making one from cutting a hole in a table or peice of hardboard- this needs to be investigated.
I got a layout pad and also some opaque tracing paper from the college store so I can try out some different materials to draw on.

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