Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Ethan Murrow

Today is my lucky day. I stumbled across a genius totally by chance.

I was researching Emily Prince, and somewhere gave the name of hyper-realistEd Loftus. I googled him, and under an image search came a beautiful drawing. I clicked on the link, only to find it wasn't Ed Loftus, but a man called Ethan Murrow.

Ethan Murrow, "Off of Gaspé, ready to dive for the elusive whale", graphite on paper 60" x 96", 2007.

Murrow works with his wife, Vita Weinstein. Together they create 'mockumentary' style short films, mainly on the subject of stories of perserverance and obsession- note, Dust Miners, Doomed Explorer, Pinto Brother Pilots. Murrow then draws large scale graphite works from stills of the films.

In exhibition, it would appear that there is a collection of the drawings, projections of the films, and different artefacts relating to the stories.

I don't feel I know enough yet to properly explain the work, but Ethan Murrow's website is


You can watch some of the films there, and there are some great press reviews which explain what Murrow's installations are like.

There is also a good interview with Murrow on some of his influences and his work processes at



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