Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Summer Projects

1. Loneliness poster series. - I want to make a set of posters raising awareness of loneliness, and hopefully be reminders to act kindly and generously.

2. Alphabet Magazine. - Am making firstly a one-off magazine to use up old interviews. Magazine is going to be a folio pack of hand printed posters. Am currently transcribing the interviews, then need to design posters in time to print when I return to Camberwell. After the one-off, the magazines will come out in alphabetical order, with each issue's content falling under a particular letter.

3. Continue research and drawings of Ali Bey magic act (great grandad) for graphic novel/animation?

4. Develop floral patterns. - for example wallpaper. Each week aim to buy a bunch of flowers and draw from all angles and stages, eg. bud, leaf, half bloom, full bloom, so I will have a floral vocabulary, of sorts, with which to design a pattern for each type of flower I choose. I then would like to develop these into prints once I have access to Camberwell Studios again.

5. Camberwell Summer project. -25 A5 drawings under various titles to do with family, personal beliefs, etc. Have started on this- can't decide what approach is best. I would definately like all the images to be linked, eg through a story. So am experimenting with a graphic novel style approach, trying to link a story to the headings without it being corny.

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