Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Floral Posters

My Nanny asked me to make two posters for a stall she always runs at Hunstanton Flower Festival. I made a poster last year as well, it's just a list of prizes for the 'Grand Draw' with flowers round the edge, on an A1 piece of mountboard. Last year I used sweet peas as the flowers, but this year really couldn't decide. I had real trouble finding a way to create an arrangement of flowers to draw, and repeat in different angles/positions round the border. I tried peonies from life, but in the end just did online research as to existing drawings of flowers, and adapted them.

I looked a lot at Pierre Redoute, but can't remember the names of the other artists.

Unfortunately, I also forgot to photograph my finished posters. I did blue text, and pink roses as a frame. It was ok in the end.

This was my poster from last year...

It was ok, I liked the sweet peas. But this years poster worked a lot better as a whole image. The text was bolder and more stylised, and in a darker shade of blue.

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