Monday, 23 August 2010

Henry Moore Textiles

On Wednesday I went to the Sainsbury Centre at Norwich UEA and saw the Henry Moore Textiles exhibition.
I'm not usually too keen on Moore's sculpture work, but it was really interesting to see the results of his passion for print.
Post-war, Moore worked with a print company (will look up the name, I can't remember it) and designed a whole load of patterns that got printed onto small square silk scarves, as a way of working with the rationing of material.
Alot of the prints were based on his sculpture work, like 'family', which is a couple and child sitting at a table. The image was then repeated in lines to make the pattern. I really liked the different' colour combinations that Moore experimented with, and how the images had a sketchy quality to them, with overdrawn lines, with colour then in layers on top. I'm not sure I'd like to make prints that looked
similar to these, but at any rate I would like to own
one of the scarves! There were also some interesting very large prints, and photos of the when they were actually printed. It all made me want to be back at Camberwell and doing some printing.
Here's a link to the exhibition.

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