Thursday, 23 September 2010


Jake and I went to Brighton a week or so ago to see Laura Marling at Foxtrot, Stanmer House. We began at Brighton Station and ended up waiting about an hour for a bus out of town. The bus we got stopped outside the park on a sort of motorway slipside, and we wandered about trying to find a way into Stanmer Park. There was a little path through the hedges, and we walked through some woodland, in the evening light, it was beautiful.

The festival was run by Wichita Records and Melting Vinyl, and it was pretty sweet. There were three little marquees in the grounds of the country house, each with a stage. We arrived just in time to see buddy Francois play an AWSOME set. Then Anni Calvi, Sons of Noel and Adrien, and finally Laura Marling. Laura played really well, I think the best I've seen yet, with total control over her voice- you know when people begin to move their mouth in funny positions when they sing, and she controlled every word- and did some great covers and played excellent new songs. It was just her on her own, and she charmed the audience and herself, and seemed to really enjoy the whole shubang. I did too.

Here's some videos.

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