Thursday, 25 March 2010

You arrive on time for the family photograph.

This is just a selection of some of my favourite of my family photographs. We have reams and reams of boxes more at home, but I brought just a few with me when I moved to London. The last two are my favourites.

There are definate groupings within this small collection- ones where my parents are young look very different to the photos from my childhood, for example. I just love the compositions and colours.

I wasn't sure whether to put the captions, I think the photos actually are more visually striking on their own without any information.

Mum and Serbrus on the beach.

Auntie Julie, Auntie Sue (mother's sisters) and Grandma Audrey, and GG(Great Grandma).

The lady in the peach dress is my mum, the man in the stripey shirt is my dad, the lady in the green dress is my Auntie Debbie. I don't know who the others are or where they are.

This is my dad, his best friend Jan, and my mum.

Me and dad. Look at the mountains!

Nanny and Me. (This is the nanny who's life in the theatre is providing my source material.

Me, and, I think, Harvey- Jan's son. (see above).

Nanny and Grandad Bertie at their house in Auton.

Auntie Julie, Grandma Audrey, GG, not sure, Uncle Nigel.

Dad and a donkey.

Grandad Bertie and Nanny at an airshow.

Mum and Serbrus.

Dad, Dickie, Dawn. And lots of cows.

Mum. I think this could be in Florence where she lived for a time.

Me and mum. No idea where this is, maybe Devon?

Me and Chloe. I origionally thought it was in Devon, but Dad says it could be Italy?

This is one of my favourites. Me and nanny, in a park, with lots and lots of geese.

My absolute favourite. Dad and I can't remember the name of the dog, she was my nanny's. The colours are wonderful.

Another favourite. This is my mum, but I don't know where or when.
It would be interesting to look through these with the people in them and find more information.

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