Thursday, 25 March 2010

Julia Pott talks Nostalgia.

I was looking at Julia Pott's work in more depth when I came across her guest blogs on Shiny Squirrel.
They are really very relevant to my project.

First one (i''ll put a link so the pictures are included)NOSTALGIA:

Second one- FOUND IMAGERY:

just an extract...

"I find rummaging through old books and magazines and photos is one of the best ways for me to draw ideas about composition and style and also a great way to find photographic and graphic material to incorporate into my drawings. If you look closely at my illustrations you can often find old pictures of my mom as a kid lurking in the background, or notes and letters written by my older relatives. Vintage reading material is a also great source of hilarious articles, for example this exert from Cosmo Magazine circa 1979:

" I put on my hired skates and instantly discover ten things I like about roller skating:
1) With your skates on you're three inches taller
2 - 10) When you're three inches taller, everything in life is better'.

And for genius pictures I highly recommend national geographic circa 1960 for it's awesome photography.
I found these awesome 80's muscle magazines in a charity shop in Philadelphia a while back which inspired an entire series on beefy men and a lot of the textures from the household magazines have made it into my animations as the colours of the characters or backgrounds. They're also so great to draw from, it was in a vintage animal magazine that I first found a picture of two animals in love (I believe it was a monkey and a dog) which inspired pretty much all of the subject matter of my work to date. "

This is a really interesting insight into how illustrators that I admire find their source material. It also is inspiring as I know I have great source material and can create some really interesting images if I work hard on this project.

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