Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Story Swapping

Today in the studio we did some storyboarding workshops. We were put into groups and had to write a short story- each giving one component eg. setting, characters, then putting them together. We then had to draw a visual storyboard from the text. Our storyboards got passed on to another group, without the origional story, and the other group had to write a story that interpreted our storyboard. They then passed on the story to another group and then drew a new storyboard for it. This was our set of stories:

Once upon a time, in a sunny Nunhead graveyard five escaped prisoners were enjoying a birthday party. They were playing pass the parcel whilst listening to nursery rhymes. Mismatched, these men escaped together through a friendship built through long hours in the cells. But now, outside of the prison walls their friendships start to fray and friction begins to build.
Pass the parcel is the final straw.
The next day, police found the bodies of four men sprawled over the graveyard.

Prisonbreak! Party in the graveyard to celebrate. Someone eats the last of the sausage rolls. Tensions rise, theres a huge fight, everyone dies. Prison warden guy is not amused :(

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